How to Rock Menswear at your Wedding

Say it loud and say it proud, men’s fashion is not boring! There’s a common misconception that menswear is less important, or less creative, than bridal fashion. Yet men don’t spend as much time on hair and makeup, so their full focus is on what they wear!

As a recent bride, I was surprised to see how much thought, effort and work went into building by husband’s wedding look, as well as those of his groomsmen. It really opened my eyes to how fashionable and creative men can get with their style.

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Custom suits

A big trend for 2019 is custom! Men don’t try on suit after suit, they go in with an idea in mind, and then make it come to life.

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Men can choose everything from fabric, colour, patterns and accessories. A custom suit for a groom is a big yes, and the right store will not only create a perfectly fitted suit exactly to your taste, but they’ll also provide the perfect accessories to polish off the outfit!

Creative Accessories

Whether it’s funky socks, a polka dot jacket lining or cool cufflinks, there are so many ways to elevate a simple navy or black suit or tuxedo. You can have all the groomsmen look the same, down to the same socks, or you can use accessories to set them apart. Why not go for a subtle theme? Maybe pay tribute to your favorite Marvel characters or Harry Potter houses with each groomsman sporting different colored socks, undershirts or even boxers!

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Modern Style Elements

Lots of men are going for pink shirts and lighter shades of grey for their suit, perfect to keep you cool at an outdoor wedding. If you opt for a darker suit, light brown shoes and a belt help modernize and brighten up the look. Plus, you can trade in the classic vest for suspenders.

There are no rules anymore, menswear is all about having fun and building a look that represents you!

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