Bring your Wedding Day to Life, with a Lush Floral Arch

Every wedding deserves a statement piece, something that gets cameras flashing and heads turning. In some cases it’s the bride’s drop-dead-gorgeous dress, in others it’s a five tier princess wedding cake, and more recently couple’s are choosing to have a floral wedding arch. 

Pinterest-Perfect Arches

image via mywedding

If you’re dreaming of having flowers as picture-perfect as those you’ve seen on Pinterest, there’s nothing more worthwhile and breathtaking than an arch covered in a variety of fresh flowers.

image via pinterest

Let’s talk science for a second. Researchers have found that real flowers directly impact a person’s happiness in that when a person sees a room filled with flowers, they instinctively feel more welcome, which in turn makes them feel more friendly towards others and more open to sharing and interacting with those around them. The more flowers, the more positivity! If flowers help people connect, then they’re not only beautiful, they’re beneficial too!

Lush Green Arches

With more and more weddings embracing an all-natural rustic outdoorsy feel, floral elements, including lots of lush greens and branches, have become increasingly more popular.

image via pinterest

Ideal for couples planning to reuse the ceremony space for their reception, a vibrant wedding arch is the perfect accessory to differentiate the ceremony space from what will later become the dance floor as the night progresses. It’s the equivalent of a bride’s outfit change. For the ceremony, the wedding arch commands attention to the front of the room, and frames the couple as they say “I do.” Later in the night, the arch can be moved to the side to become an Insta-worthy backdrop for guests to take photos with.

Let’s face it, if flowers create happiness then it’s impossible to have too many!

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