Wedding Ring Tattoos: Replacing Traditional Bands

Wedding Ring tattoos are definitely trending now. For the last several decades, only select couples opted for wedding ring tattoos instead of traditional rings. It was rare to see a couple with similarly tatted fingers, but today, thanks to the overall rise in popularity of tattoos, couples of all ages, races and backgrounds are deciding to get inked instead of taking a trip to the jeweller. 

If you and your partner are thinking about getting wedding ring tattoos, here are some of the best options that replace wedding bands. 

A simple band tattoo

A simple line is all you need to signify that you and your partner are connected eternally. For minimalists, this tattoo is ideal, because it’s simple and with time, it won’t blur too much, rather it will simply fade and can be touched up easily. 

Name tattoos

There’s a stereotype that tattooing your partner’s name is bad luck. But if you’re in love, and you know you’ll spend your life with someone, who cares about taboos! Getting your spouse’s name tattooed on your finger, for everyone to see is a huge sign of your true commitment to one another, and is incredibly romantic. 

A unique tribute to your partner

Just because most wedding ring tattoos replace a metal ring doesn’t mean you need the tattoo to resemble a band. You can get a bit more creative with your partner and choose to tattoo a significant image, or something fun and sweet on your finger instead. The King and Queen of hearts is a fun idea. 

Wedding Date Tattoos

Another cute idea is to tattoo your wedding date on your ring finger. It’s right up there with tattooing your partner’s name on your finger, because it shows real commitment, but more importantly it’s beautiful and significant. 

No matter what type of wedding ring tattoos you and your partner decide on, the most important thing is finding the right tattoo parlor, and tattoo artist. Artworxx Tattoo and Piercing, for example, specialize in wedding ring tattoos and wedding art, so it’s the perfect place to go if you’re in the Ontario region.

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