An All Inclusive Honeymoon All the Way!

Honeymoons are all about stress-free quality time with your new spouse. It’s a time when you want nothing but romance, serenity and sun! While some couples opt for a European vacation or a trip to a far-off continent to experience something exotic, the more elaborate your trip the more stressful it will be. 

That’s why an all inclusive honeymoon is the perfect option for a few key reasons: 

All you can eat, and all you can drink

Vacations seem to always centre around food in one way or another. We need to eat, but it can become a hassle trying to find a restaurant every day for breakfast lunch and dinner. At your all inclusive honeymoon, you don’t have to worry about finding a spot to eat, everything is at your fingertips and it’s all unlimited. 

The view

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world can be found at all inclusive resorts. You have so many gorgeous countries to choose from and so many resorts in each one. If you’re looking for views, talk to a travel agent, tell her your budget, and she’ll find you both a dream destination that will make your jaw drop. 

The people

At an all inclusive honeymoon, you will absolutely get pampered. Countless couples will be vacationing, but you’re honeymooning, so expect everyone to be really friendly! The staff will dote over you both, the other travellers will buddy up to you, and you’ll feel like royalty. It’s both the perfect place to make friends (if you want to socialize) and the best place to find a secluded bed and just enjoy the moment alone with your husband. 

And on top of it all, the absolute best reason to opt for an all inclusive honeymoon is the price! You can find something perfect, with all the food and activities you could ever want, for $1000! How can you beat that!

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