Add your Pup to the Procession

If you’re a dog owner, you know that your pooch is part of the family. On your wedding day, which is about committing to your lives together and building a forever family, it only makes sense to include your best friend in the proceedings. 

Countless couples have decided to integrate their furry families into their ceremony, and the photos speak for themselves! Let’s just say that four-legged friends are one of the surest ways to melt hearts on your wedding day. 

via: instagram, rinadimontella_for_colors

Tips for Including Pets

If you want to have your pets involved in the day there are a few key components to consider. First of all, you need to be able to feature your pet in the ceremony. Some venues won’t allow animals, and some venues just won’t be comfortable for your non-human family. If having your pooch is a priority, organize an outdoor wedding, or a backyard wedding. 

Also, practice makes perfect. Your little guy (or girl) may be scared to be surrounding by so many people. If you practice at the rehearsal dinner, and bring your pup to the engagement party, they will get used to having all those people around and might feel more at ease during the big moment. 

Second, it’s important that you set clear expectations for your fur family. If they will walk down the aisle, make sure they are well taken care of (they do their business and are well fed) so you don’t have any accidents or problems that might be distracting for your and your guests.

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