How to survive a wedding show

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Is it wedding show season or what? Suddenly everywhere you look someone’s announcing a big event that promises to be filled with every kind of wedding vendor you could imagine. In the interest of full disclosure, we love a good wedding expo … but we also know it can seem like a lot to take in, especially if you’ve never been to one. Try these tips to take advantage of everything they have to offer:

Be strategic about timing

If there is a specific event – like a fashion show – you’re pumped about, you might be somewhat limited with the times you can show up. But if you have the choice and want to wander during a slightly less hectic period where you can talk more intimately with some of the vendors, try quieter times, like the first night (usually a Friday), earlier in the morning or late on the afternoon of the final day. As a bonus, sometimes expos offer discounts on tickets during these timeframes.

Take it all down

Let’s face it, there can be a lot of information to take in at a wedding show, but that’s why you’re there, is it not? Finding a way to take all this information down can be a bit tricky, so plan ahead. Bring a notebook and pen if you’re feeling the retro life, but a phone can be a good option too, letting you snap photos of business cards, take digital notes or even voice recordings.

Keep your information on sticky labels

Like with most trade shows, you’re going to be doing a lot of filling forms. Whether you’re entering a sweet prize draw or giving vendors the details of your wedding, people are going to want your names, emails, phone numbers and the date of your wedding. Make your life way, way easier by pre-printing this information on those handy dandy little sticky labels, so you can spend less time scribbling and more time chatting.

Take a break and eat

Nobody likes a hangry bride-to-be, and definitely not a hangry future groom. If you’re at a bigger show that has access to water, coffee and food stations, take a break to refuel. If not, plan to eat out either before or after the show. This can be a great time to connect with your partner and get excited about your wedding all over again.

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