How to make self-care part of your wedding

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As much as a wedding is about celebrating love, partnership and family, you’re not alone if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by things. From planning through to the big day, keep the good vibes with these simple tips:

Leave extra time

Without a doubt, feeling like you have to rush through tasks is one of the quickest ways to overwhelm yourself, whether it’s your wedding day or not. The solution? Budget extra time when it comes to activities on your wedding day. If you think you might need two hours to have your makeup done plan for three. That way, you have a buffer zone between activities, and, if everything goes to plan, you still have some extra time to breathe.

Nourish your body

As excited as you and your fiancée might be in the weeks leading up to the big day, it’s still important to stick to some healthy guidelines. Make sure you’re getting as much sleep as you need and eating regular meals. Drink water and make exercise a regular part of your routine if it isn’t already. Not only do these things keep your brain and body in optimal shape, but sticking to a routine also helps you combat stress and gives you a bit of a break from planning.

Remind yourself what the day is all about

Whether it’s in the months leading up to the wedding or the day itself, sometimes it’s a good idea to check yourself and remember what – and who – you’re doing this for. Think about how you want to remember your wedding process years from now. Stressing about floral arrangements, or planning the ultimate celebration of you and your partner’s unique love story?

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