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  • Are you a Bridezilla? Know the Signs

    Wedding stress is serious business. Even the tamest of hearts can quickly turn into foul-mouthed divas when the pressure is sky-high. Weddings make you insane. Have you slipped into the deep end of bridezilla without even knowing it. Here are 3 signs that you might need to reel it in a bit.

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    You snap if your fiance asks you to join him for a latte. In fact you snap at everyone. People are afraid of you. Who has the time for socializing? There are lists, and things, things that must get done. Everything is wedding, always wedding, all the time.  Make the time for non-wedding shenanigans. Remember the groom? You love him.

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    Your friends have taken second jobs just to be able to afford to be in your wedding. It’s your wedding, not theirs. Don’t send them on all the high-stress errands. And if you have expectations that won’t waver, make room in your own budget to cover those costs. (Do you really need a $400 diamond-encrusted gravy boat on your registry?)

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    Your vendors are avoiding you. They might have even blocked your number. The round-the-clock micro-managing of their responsibilities has taken over your life. If you’re texting the florist at 3am to ensure the glass beads in the bottom of the vase centerpieces all measure 1 1/4″ exactly, you might need to take a step back.

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    Are you a Bridezilla? Know the Signs

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