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  • Justin and Emily: The Proposal

    When it comes to proposals, we want the fairy tale. And it’s possible ladies. With love, anything is possible.

    Probably the best proposal video out there belongs to Emily and Justin Baldoni. We know this because many of you have asked us for it. It’s an oldie, and a long one, (seriously, he’s an actor, director and producer) but it’s worth it. And it’s meant to be watched over and over again. If you haven’t seen it and you’re like me, you’ll be curled up in your pyjamas with your dog the only witness to your ugly crying convulsions. (He silently judges me anyway.) Here you go for your #FridayWeddingFeels.

    Justin and Emily- The Proposal from SIDNEI BENTO on Vimeo.

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    Justin and Emily: The Proposal

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