Give Your Bouquet an Elegant Vintage Throwback

It’s often the little subtleties that can make a simple wedding feel elegant and luxurious. Bouquets are one of the aspects of your big day where you can add a bit of pizzazz and personality, with aspects that are both personal to you and befitting of a vintage-inspired wedding. The bouquet ideas below are easy to create at home and will give your walk down the aisle a simple nod to old Hollywood glam.

Pearls. Whether you have a simple strand of pearls that hugs the stem of your bouquet, or you go all out with pearl brooches woven through a white rose bouquet, you’ve got yourself some vintage glam. Between the tiny bit of colour and the various textures, the bouquet will add just enough aesthetic without taking away from your gown. 

Image / Pinterest

Lace-Wrapped Bouquet. For lovers of delicate lace, this is the bouquet you never knew you’ve always wanted. Hydrangea, snowberry, sage, stock, dusty miller, English roses, seeded eucalyptus all resting in a twine nest and wrapped in vintage lace. The best part about this bouquet is that the lace can come from just about anything, including your mother’s or grandmother’s old wedding dress or veil. With that kind of sentimentality, your walk down the aisle will become that much more special. As an added bonus, this bouquet can serve as your ‘something old’.

Feathers. For those opting for a more glamorous and grand wedding, this bouquet is definitely a step in the right direction. Perfect for black-tie events, this bouquet just screams old Hollywood glamour. The soft feathers add gorgeous texture to the all white bouquet and really give it that vintage feel. 

Image / Pinterest

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