Shades of White Fit for Every Bride

Brightly coloured gowns are definitely trending and to be considered if you’re looking at a contemporary feel, but don’t discount a good old-fashioned white dress. But white is never just white. Most gowns don’t even come in a pure white, as that doesn’t generally flatter skin tones, unless you’re a dark-skinned goddess. In which case, stark white is the way to go. 

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Diamond white, also known as silk white, is a natural creamy white and is one of the most popular shades as it looks great with most complexions. This colour is a show-stopper on medium skin with olive tones. Ivory comes in a light, medium and dark, and also varies from designer to designer. If you’re fair with pink-toned skin, go for the medium palette to brighten your skin. 

There are hundreds of shades of white and all shades will offer a different undertone from yellow, to pink to blue and can also vary by designer. Make sure you try a few different shades to find what looks best with your skin tone and colouring. It’s also important to ask for a clean or new colour fabric swatch if you find a shade in a dress that you love. Some of the gowns in the salon have been tried on many times and may have lost a bit of their natural brilliance. Even one shade off can make a big difference to your overall look.

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