Wedding bands on the spotlight : from simple to vintage-inspired

Wedding band trends change fast with every passing year but this year there has been a return of classic elegance. Couples looking for wedding jewelry this year so far had an exciting time feasting their eyes on classic designs laced with a unique and contemporary spin. Couples lookout for ideal wedding bands which reflect today’s fashion but will remain en vogue for years to come. Now they are opting for thin, petite bands, not only for their weddings but engagements too. Accent diamonds are often the focus of wedding bands adding a subtle shimmer as the center gemstone.


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Choosing that perfect wedding from thousands of available designs can sometimes be a great challenge. What are the latest and greatest wedding rings this year? Here a sneak peak.

Metal Bands

Metal wedding bands without any shimmering gemstone have always been topped the popularity list. The most sought after metal wedding bands are platinum, rose and white gold. Durable, devoid of fuss and easy to handle, metal wedding bands suit everyone’s lifestyle and match most engagement rings. Mix-and-match metals are marking most of the current on-trend designs.

Eternity Bands

Eternity bands are of a specific type in which identically sized diamonds are set around the entire ring; a mark of eternity. One can either go for a prong setting or a channel setting, both are popular styles with plenty of options.

Braided wedding bands

Interwoven designs symbolizing unity and harmony have emerged to the peak of popularity this year. Many of the to-be-wed like woven silhouettes designed with different metals. That adds range of colors to the band giving the design a unique edge. Nature-inspired couples have set a trend of choosing a style with interwoven vine branches. These wedding rings are romantic too, symbolizing infinite love as well as interlinked fates.

Claw prong settings

Classic yet extremely popular, the claw prong setting ensures to show more of the gemstone’s glitter. The gem shines brilliantly and catches attention faster than the others. That’s not all; the four to six prongs hold the diamonds more securely. It’s a time-honored style for solitaire rings.

Engraved wedding bands

Engraving heartfelt, romantic and private words on wedding bands is the newest trend. Some wedding bands come designed with religious verses or common quotes and messages. To give it a personalized touch couples often prefer engraving dates, initials or even popular quotations like “Nunc scio quid sit amor,” in Latin, which means “Now I know what love is.” Engravings are generally done by machine or hand. For engravings, depending on the length of characters the cost generally adds up but nothing can beat the special feel!

Let’s be frank about one thing, while the brides may prefer a floral accent, a vintage- inspired silhouette or colorful stones on wedding bands, guys favor round or square rings with grooves, beveled edges and no stones in different metals and finishes.

Over and over again these wedding band trends have been the highlight of wedding jewelry this year. The scoop is, fashion forward but with a classic spin, all these styles are one-of-a-kind dazzlers!

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