Tips to help you choose the right wedding gifts

Attending weddings are fun but shopping for the perfect wedding gift can be quite stressful. Of course, your intention is always to choose wedding gifts that will not gather dust in the couple’s garage for years.

Some tips which we laid down here might help you in your search of a great gift that’s sure to please.


Everyone loves a functional gift

It may sound a little mundane, but the truth is, white dishes, bed linen and soft towels are wonderful gifts due to their functionality and no one minds having more than one.

Customize your gift

Everyone wants their gift to be special! Selecting a customized gift can be a wonderful idea. Monograms of the couple’s initials embroidered, etched or embossed would instantly give a special appeal and a personalized touch to even the most traditional wedding gift. Wine glasses, fancy towels, pendants and cufflinks, bathrobes or a keepsake crystal bell; anything could be turned into a unique and memorable wedding gift with a little creativity without breaking the bank.

Photo courtesy of Getting Personal

Photo courtesy of Getting Personal

If the couple is a close friend, you could add some imagination to create a gift with the wow factor. An artsy collage of customized photos can be an unforgettable wedding gift for the soon- to-be-married.

Home décor ‘Yes’, if you know their taste

Plenty of people prefer following the bridal gift registry but what if the happy couple has not opted for any? According to you, a cubism inspired painting or a modishly designed vase could be excellent home décor gifts in good taste but you never know someone’s taste! What if it does not match yours? Still, if you are too adamant to choose something for the living room, make sure it’s of display-worthy design.

Unique gifts make a mark!

Something unique makes its mark. A hammer for the couple’s tool box with a message painted on the wooden handle could be utterly sweet! Functional, but not merely a decoration piece, it’s got to be remembered for long. Key racks with meaningful messages or planters with a ‘let love grow’ note could also be awesome wedding gifts for the loving couple.

Cookware is always helpful

Foodies would always appreciate a versatile piece of cookware. Whether eager to bake cakes at home or casual cooks; owning some good cookware for crispy wedges, waffles or grilled cheese sandwiches never makes anyone wince.

Soft furnishings for marital homes

Got an eye for exclusive furnishing that offers comfort, style and elegance? Cushions, rugs, footstools, mirrors, frames or faux hydrangea bunch; something fancy for the marital home could be just awesome as wedding gifts if the couple is not using a gift registry.

Statement serveware

Jumping to conclusions that serveware wedding gifts only mean the obvious crockery, cutlery and glassware may not be appropriate. Selecting a statement serving bowl could be mean making meals a little more special for the newlyweds.

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