Certain Things that Matter When Choosing Wedding Venues

Getting married is exciting! A secluded spot, close to natural beauty at Lake Louise, amidst breathtakingly beautiful wildflower gardens or in a castle-like hotel; wherever you might choose to say your vows- keeping certain things in mind helps in planning your Big Day!  There is no dearth of unique wedding venues but its way more than just the site’s impressive appeal which counts for that dream wedding!

Lay Out a Budget

Wedding venues can be expensive! Remember it’s not the only cost which you are going to pay for the ceremony. Food, decoration, DJ; there are plenty of other expenses to consider. Going through a list of venues may be frustrating but it’s not wise signing a contract with an expensive venue without a little research. Keep some prep time in hand to avoid regrets later.


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 Visit the venue at the time of the day when you plan to host your wedding:

We all agree that weddings are very important for every couple. No one would want any faux pas on the special day. It’s easy for a couple to sign a contract when they get emotional but how do you propose to visualize the appearance of the venue at a particular hour of the day? To get a fair picture, it’s worth the trouble of visiting the venue at the same time of the day when you plan to invite guests.

What comes first- Guest list or venue?

It’s a good question to ask and surprisingly it often confuses couples. Planning always pays! The number of guests you plan to invite certainly helps you choose the ideal wedding location; after all, invitees should be comfortable! Your guest count may not be exact but 50, 100 or 200—a fair idea can be life saver. Most wedding venues mention their hosting capacity online; you will know exactly which wedding venues to shortlist.

Ask questions to make a perfect plan

Are you one of those people who want everything to go right? To make the lifetime moment special you need to do a little homework. Make a list prior to reaching any venue and ask questions to the venue manager, caterer, coordinator or any person who can give you clear answers for better understanding.

 It’s important to know if the venue offers full service or not

Wedding venues are of different types; all of them do not cater to the same kind of services. The full-service wedding venues offer almost everything from linen, tables and chairs to catering supplies. A non-full service venue may only offer the space, leaving all other arrangements to be coordinated by you. That means you have to run around booking the caterer, DJ, decorator and all other vendors.

‘Shopping’ for your wedding venue depends a lot on your budget, availability of time and style of wedding. After all, if you are planning an exotic high-end wedding, hiring a wedding planner to do it all, might be the best option!

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