Lighten up, it's your Wedding!

You’ve been planning for months, maybe years, to make sure that all the details of your wedding day come together perfectly. It has been stressful, maddening, and an adventure in self-control to be sure. (The budget is just a guideline, right?) But when the big day finally comes, take the time to enjoy it. Assign friends and family (if you don’t have a planner) to ensure that everything falls into place on time. Take a moment and treasure the day. Cherish every single moment, because it will be over before you know it. Having a few silly or light moments captured by your photographer can also help you look back on the entire wedding adventure with a smile. All the stress of planning will be forgotten. It’s your big day!

For inspiration:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Photo Courtesy of Magic4Walls


Photo Credit: © CoreyAnn Photography


Photo Credit: © TwoBrightLights Photography


Photo Credit: © BOURN Photography

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