Nicole Roessner and Bryce Roessner

How did you meet?

My husband and I met when we were both on summer internships for the same company. I was having trouble with my computer one day so I placed a request to the IT department. Soon after, a young man called my office and did a bit of troubleshooting. He fixed my computer and that was that. Something we still laugh at today is whether or not my next computer issue was real or made up, but like before, I placed a call, except this time not to IT, but directly to ‘him’. He answered and said he could fix my issue when I wasn’t working; he would just need my password.

At this point in my life, my password was extremely embarrassing – so I made him promise not to laugh.  I think I still use that password on some of my ‘not so important’ websites, so I won’t tell you, but regardless, he was very polite, didn’t laugh at my password, and fixed my computer. I was relieved that all this happened on the phone, so the chances of him seeing ‘the girl with the worst password’ as he calls it, was fairly rare.

However, it was only a few days later that someone (at this point, you can probably guess who) came by my office to ask me how my computer was working, the cheekish grin on his face gave him away. He found me!  I can only imagine how red I was as I could actually feel the temperature rising. Here he was, this IT guy who I thought would never see me, was now standing in my office.

I may have also been red because he was very good looking, physically fit, and extremely charming. Thank goodness I can laugh at myself because that embarrassing little password I mentioned earlier was a great ice breaker. We really hit it off.

We spent the rest of our summer internship as friends, going for the occasional coffee and running in to each other in the hallway. I was still going to school in a city 3 hours away, so at the end of our four month work term, we parted ways and promised to stay in touch – which we did not.

It was not until later in the winter semester (March / April) that I received a phone call from a nervous sounding young man asking if I was going back to that same company for another summer work term. I think I played it a bit cooler than he did because he didn’t pick up on the butterflies that were in my stomach.  I really liked him! We met up again over the summer and started dating. Unfortunately my work term was a short one as I had enrolled in a spring / summer semester to finish up a few classes early. This meant we would have to do long distance for ten months while we both finished our last year of University.

They say long distance is hard and it rarely works. I will admit that there were times where we both thought we were in over our heads but we battled through. In the end, I credit long distance for making our relationship stronger. We learned how to better communicate, appreciate, and trust each other, and we both recognized that this relationship was something to work for.

Needless to say, at the end of the school year, we were finally in same city. We continued to build on our long distance foundation for several years until we decided to say ‘I do’ this past August.



Every year, Bryce and I plan a trip to Banff. This year was no different and we had planned for the weekend of September 6th. As a start to our weekend away, I booked a pedicure/manicure session. About an hour into my appointment Bryce began texting me and when I didn’t answer – started calling. Not understanding what the big deal was I became slightly annoyed that he interrupted my primping session.

I began driving home, irritated to say the least, and planning how I was going to word ‘what is your problem’, but before I was able to say anything I saw a big bouquet of flowers, an envelope, and a glass of wine on our table. I opened the envelope and inside was a note and two plane tickets to Kelowna, BC. After glancing at the departure time, Friday September 5th at 6:00 pm, I went into shock and surprise. What the heck was this change in plans? I may have given Bryce a gray hair or two as he was sitting at home waiting for me while I was taking my sweet time at the nail salon oblivious to his plan – but none the less, I slammed my wine, packed in 20 minutes (something I am still proud of) and we took off to the airport!!!

On our flight, I kept peppering Bryce with questions. Anyone who knows me knows I hate not knowing things. He held out and wouldn’t divulge any details beyond the fact that we were doing a wine tour Saturday and supper at a nice winery later that night. He told me I had to be satisfied with those details for now, so I took what I could!

When we landed in Kelowna, we picked up our rental car and drove to West Kelowna. Bryce handed me a print off from Google Maps and told me to start navigating. I was instantly apprehensive because navigation and directions between Bryce and I are horrible!! Some of our most epic fights have been about directions! Nonetheless, we made it without an issue; not even one! I assumed our accommodation for the weekend was going to be a Best Western or Holiday Inn – but yet another surprise. On top of this huge hill was a mansion of a Bed & Breakfast. There were only two suites and as luck would have it, no one was in the other suite. We had the entire place to ourselves (and our lovely host Ute)!

The next day we woke up to a delicious German breakfast and got ready for our wine tour. I won’t lie – I had already started thinking this weekend would be the perfect way to propose and if he doesn’t, that it would be a wasted opportunity. I also didn’t want to get my hopes up! We’ve been together for a while, so I knew he wouldn’t propose in public – this ruled out the wine tour and supper. I left the engagement thoughts for the next day.

We visited four wineries on the Saturday and let’s just say they were very liberal with their pours! One winery gave us 8 tastings (average being 4). The downside was we had nothing to eat throughout the day so when it came time for supper at The Terrace at Mission Hill – I was ready.

After a wonderful dinner that consisted of fresh pasta, steak, and who are we kidding – more glasses of wine, I was ready for bed. We left the restaurant and headed back to the B&B. Before I could change into my PJ’s and load Netflix (Bryce and I were on a Suits & House binge at the time) – Bryce asked me to go check out the view one more time (it seriously was gorgeous), but I was really looking forward to my red wine sleep so I begrudgingly agreed. I opened the door to our balcony and yet again, another surprise. It was decorated with candles, rose petals, champagne, chocolates, and a dozen long stemmed red roses! Yup, it was all there, everything that was considered traditionally romantic for a girl. The engagement thoughts came pouring back. Bryce asked me to have a chocolate. I thought to myself, the ring is definitely in the chocolate box and I ripped it open. No ring.

Bryce excused himself to go back into the room. What the $#*@. I was left with a beautiful view, a romantic atmosphere, and no engagement ring! As I was preparing how to act un-disappointed from the day – he called me back into the room. Sitting on the couch beside him was a closed book. I sat down and picked up the book. It was a scrapbook he had made that highlighted so many of the moments we’ve had over the years of dating: Cirque de Soleil tickets from one of our first dates, movie tickets, plane tickets and photos. He also had some of our favorite songs playing in the suite. The water works started, mascara down the face and in the eyes!

One last surprise. On the last page was everything I had been waiting for. A “Will You Marry Me?” He got down on one knee and proposed. I was so shocked I dropped the scrapbook on the floor and burst out crying. Yup, I did what every girl told themselves they wouldn’t do, a deep hysterical sob. Bryce even had to ask if that meant yes! To top it off Bryce secretly set up his iPad on the bed and recorded the whole thing!



The wedding theme was Rocky Mountains because I grew up in a small town in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. It was a great community with great people; everyone really does know your name. While there were benefits to growing up in a small town, it came with its limitations. For instance, if you had ambitions that didn’t involve taking over the family farm or marrying a local farm boy, you were forced in to the city or another province entirely.

As much as I loved growing up on a farm and all the beliefs and values that came with it, it was not the life I dreamt for myself. At 18, two months after graduating high school, I packed up everything I had (which was easily able to fit into a 1997 Monte Carlo) and moved to Calgary, Alberta.

The Alberta province was a sort of ‘promise land’, full of prospering Oil and Gas companies. I managed to get a job at one of these companies and started to learn everything I could about the corporate world; it was all very new to me.

What else was new to me was the landscape. If you have heard about Saskatchewan, you have also probably heard that it is flat.  Well Alberta is anything but.  The province is centered on the rolling foothills of the Rocky Mountain range and makes every morning a beautiful one – as long as you take the time to appreciate it. For my wedding, I wanted to appreciate Alberta. After all, it was the place that blessed me with my career, education, and husband that I had always dreamed of. I wanted those mountains to be focal point; my backdrop.

After plenty of research and comparing paint samples from our local Hardware Store, we choose to use the color blue as our main color. We really wanted to highlight the uniqueness of my dress, the mountain sky, and my husband’s custom made suit.  As to not overdo it we kept the rest of the color pallet fairly neutral (copper candle holders, clear vases, and white candles). The florist stayed true to this theme by using a mixture of Juliet garden roses, ivory roses, white Ranunculus, peach Hypericum berries, foliage; and a pop of blue color with Hydrangeas and Delphiniums. We also incorporated wheat and other grains from my family’s farm to keep true to the rustic, outdoorsy wedding theme.

Our favourite moments:

  1. Bride – Our ceremony was definitely my most memorable moment!  From walking down the aisle with my teary-eyed father, to seeing my soon to be husband for the first time. The smile and excitement on his face was the tenderest sensation of joy I’ve ever felt.  Also, There was also a certain part of our vows that perfectly summed up our entire wedding and I’ll never forget them. They went “The two of you have chosen to be married amidst the beauty and splendor of the Canadian Rockies, and like the mountains, marriage possess a certain strength, an enduring quality, a kind of spirituality for all of us to behold.” It is something that I will always cherish when I look to the west and see the mountains on the horizon. Last but not least I’ll never forget our first kiss as husband and wife!!!
  1. Bride – Our first Dance: A lyric in the song goes “And now’s our moment”. This really resonated with me because after all the time, effort, and stress you put into planning your big day, it is over in a flash! The day zooms by in a blur and all of a sudden it is your first dance together. This lyric reminded me to literally “Enjoy the moment.” I can specifically remember taking a breath and looking into my husband’s eyes and feeling the love between us. It is such a vivid memory now because I allowed that moment in time to sink in and to just “be present.”
  1. Groom – There were so many great moments over the course of the day. Seeing all the friends and family arrive, ‘suiting up’ the morning of. But I think the top moment was seeing my fiancé for the first time. Planning the wedding, I had heard so much about her dress. How unique it was, how it was so different. I think at one point Niki was actually worried I wouldn’t like it. As she came around the corner, with her father in hand, I can remember not being able to take my eyes off her. I can remember her smile and how she sparkled. How she captivated an entire audience without saying a thing. Marrying a girl that eclipsed the sun on a warm August day; that will always be my favorite moment!

Our favourite wedding details:

My wedding dress – When I look back and think about the day I picked out my wedding gown, a particular idiom comes to mind. You don’t judge a book by its cover!  Let me explain. Like many brides to be, surfing Pinterest and flipping through bridal magazines exposed me to my ideal wedding dress. To be specific, it was a beaded mermaid style Sophia Tolli dress. When I arrived at the store to try it on, the dress was just as stunning in person as it was in the magazine, but something about it just didn’t seem to fit with my wedding theme.  My disappointment must have been quite obvious and bless the hearts of my mother and the bridal consultant as they did everything in their control to cheer me up.

The bridal consultant was fairly prescient about one dress in particular, she kept bringing it into my change room but I kept turning it away. Not because it wasn’t pretty (it was), but because it was blue. It was the David Tutera Sea Mist Beryl Dress (it was featured in BRIDEs magazine after my wedding). In my mind I had already created a color scheme, met with a florist and talked about flower colors, and by buying this blue dress it would have turned all that upside down. After an hour long encouragement from my mom and the consultant I unenthusiastically tried on the dress. The result. I was speechless.

The color was the perfect shade for my skin tone and the cut accentuated my figure! When I look at pictures of my wedding day, or even bring out the gown from its home in the closet, I can’t help but think that this dress was made for me. What more could a bride want on her wedding day?

If I were to offer but one piece of advice for brides looking for that ‘this is the one’ feeling, it is – no matter what it looks like on the hanger, try it on. You might just end up with something you never knew you wanted. It could be one of the best (and easiest) wedding decisions you make!

Flowers – Our décor was kept simple because we chose a venue that had a lot of character. It reflected the vintage traditions I was raised with, all the while being in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains.  After plenty of research and comparing paint samples from our local Hardware Store, we choose to use the color blue as our main color. We really wanted to highlight the uniqueness of my dress, the mountain sky, and my husband’s custom made suit.  As to not overdo it we kept the rest of the color palette fairly neutral (copper candle holders, clear vases, and white candles). The florist stayed true to this theme by using a mixture of Juliet garden roses, ivory roses, white Ranunculus, peach Hypericum berries, foliage; and a pop of blue color with Hydrangeas and Delphiniums. We also incorporated wheat and other grains from my family’s farm – a reflection of my roots and upbringing.

Ceremony spot – Our backdrop was a blue pond that was overlooked by the three sisters’ mountains in the Canadian Rockies. It was magical!



We scraped and saved every holiday day allocated to us to take the honeymoon of our dreams. We started in Boston, Massachusetts at the end of September, where we toured most of Boston including Keene, New Hampshire where I had my first pumpkin flavored beer. From there we flew to Amsterdam, Netherlands to kick off 3 weeks of touring Central and Eastern Europe. After Amsterdam we took the train to Frankfurt Germany for a day (it was very industrial) then headed to Berlin, Germany where we could have stayed for a week! Berlin had it all, the food, history, shopping and architecture. It was definitely one of our favorite places! We left Berlin for Poland, stopping in what was once the capital of Poland, Poznan. After some delicious soup in Poznan we made our way to the true capital of Poland, Warsaw. Warsaw is a stunning city full of contrasting architecture. This city had the most turbulent history and suffered a great deal. Krakow felt more touristy than Warsaw as its medieval core was well preserved and attracted more visitors. We headed off to the capital of Hungary, Budapest to take a river boat cruise at night down the Danube River. From there we headed to Vienna, Austria to watch the Spanish Riding School perform. Our second last stop was in Prague of the Czech Republic. We have to admit that the beer and food was by far the best in Prague, not to mention the Old Town square with the medieval Astronomical Clock was amazing! Finally we made our way back to Germany to Munich. The last of many highlights on our trip was Neuschwanstein Castle, the very castle that Disney’s Sleeping Beauty caste was modeled after. After touring the castle I may have strongly suggested to my husband that someday he should build me my very own castle. We left Munich for home (Calgary, AB) with a very sad heart but hopeful of returning one day soon. We do have to admit that we were looking forward to our own bed and clean clothes!! After a whole month of backpacking and spending 24/7 together we are still very happily married!


Wedding Date: 01-08-2015
Location: Canmore, Alberta
Photographer: Krystal Boyd
Venue: Cornerstone Theater
Videographer: N/A
Ceremony Location: Canmore Golf and Curling Club
Wedding Planner: Mountain Bride – Rachel Abdallah
Wedding Gown Designer/Vendor: David Tutera
Bridesmaid Attire: Joanna August
Jewelery/Shoes/Accessories: N/A
Hair: Melanie Dawn Urban Texture Hair Studio
Make-up: Jessica’s Beauty Service
Floral: Flower Artistry – Lyn Chapman
Decor Rental: N/A
Cake: Cake Creations – Crystal Hum & Cake Topper – Lauren Tse

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