Eco-Friendly Alternatives for the Celebratory Wedding Exit Toss

The celebratory wedding exit toss is an age-old wedding tradition that dates back to Roman times. Grains were typically thrown to symbolize fertility, but over the years this has evolved into confetti, rice, and more recently, bubbles.


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Many couples want the “confetti” experience, yet don’t want the cleanup or environmental risks associated with it. Some couples have substituted rice with birdseed because it was believed that if birds ate uncooked rice they would somehow choke or implode. There is no actual evidence to support this (as many frustrated farmers will tell you), but the damage from this myth had already been done.

Bubbles offer an extremely popular option, however, spilled bottles can provide dangerously slick surfaces and depending on the concentration of the soap, they could also stain your wedding dress.


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Another option for the more environmentally conscious couple is to use eco-confetti, affectionately referred to as ecofetti. There are several options from a snowflake-like confetti to cut strips of eco-friendly paper in a plethora of colours. These options are biodegradable, water-soluble and causes zero harm to animals. (It typically dissolves at the first rain.)


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A new trend for confetti is to use flower petals. (It also doesn’t hurt if you take one in the eye.) Rose petals, lavender, wildflowers, daisies… anything you can get your hands on or that match your theme. Using small buckets or paper cones can also keep costs down.


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– Catherine Thorpe

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