Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Every bride deserves to look absolutely flawless on her wedding day. It’s a day where you get to glam up and be the best you that you can be. Wedding day makeup doesn’t have to be a chore. Even if you rarely wear makeup, indulge a little to enhance that sassy, vixen bride you were born to be.


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Start with booking some time for facials and massages before the big day. Your complexion will thank you and your skin will be the perfect texture and base for makeup.


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If you’re using a Pro do to your makeup, schedule a few trial runs to find the look you love the best. Even if you’re doing your own, it doesn’t hurt to play around with different styles. If you feel like a goddess when you’re done, you’ve found your look.

Make sure the products you’re using will last and stay put. Most everyday makeup isn’t cut out to endure a marathon, and that’s exactly what your wedding day is. Tears, sweat, laughter, selfie, repeat.  A proper primer and even, thin layers are essential.

Remember that translucent powder is your friend and keep it handy. A luminous healthy shine is ethereal in photos, but under the strobe lights of the dance floor it can look like a hot mess. A sheer dusting across the t-zone helps keep you looking naturally radiant.

Waterproof masacara is non-negotiable. Enough said.


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Finally, make sure you have enough time. Don’t rush your makeup on your wedding day. However long you think it will take, add another 30 minutes to be sure.

 – Catherine Thorpe


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