Should you have an Unplugged Wedding?

Since Australian Wedding Photographer, Thomas Stewart, posted his 531 word rant on his Facebook page about why guests should leave their cameras and phones turned off, there has been a buzz of controversy regarding whether a couple should ask guests to come to their wedding unplugged.

Thomas started his rant with, “Right. I’ve had enough.” And then went on to show this image of a groom having to lean out past the mob of guest-paparazzi to see his lovely bride coming down the aisle.

thomas stewart

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Stewart Photography

Some couples want the candid shots that only their friends can seem to capture, however, there should be some rules put down by the couple in advance. For example, no phones during the ceremony. (The reception is a different story.) A wedding photographer can be a large expense and there shouldn’t be anything or anyone getting in the way of that professional doing their job. Besides, you want all eyes on you and not focused on the glow of a mobile screen. A lot of brides don’t want their ceremony images hitting social media before they’ve had a chance to vet them, or even say “I do.”


Photo courtesy of Amy Mancuso Events

With the advancement of technology, more and more people are rarely without their devices. To ensure that your wedding is as unplugged as you want it to be, make sure that you are clear upfront about what you want. Add a note to the invitations, use cute signs at the service, and have the officiant remind your guests before the ceremony begins. Your wedding ushers can also serve as unofficial phone-bouncers as they seat guests.

unplugged wedding

Photo courtesy of Jay Farrell Photography

The moment goes by in a blink and the professional photographer will capture it. Everyone else should be savouring it.

 – Catherine Thorpe

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