3 Different Takes on the Wedding Veil

The wedding veil is part of a very old bridal tradition and is a symbol for purity and modesty. Today, most brides who make use of a veil do so because it looks so darn romantic. From the long, flowing mantilla veils to the short and classy bubble veil, there are sooo many styles to choose from. This makes it easy for the prospective bride-to-be: choose whichever style suits you and your look best! Here are 3 different looks to get you started.

Birdcage Veil


Photo courtesy of myrakim on etsy.com

Birdcage veils became popular in the 1940s, and has seen a resurgence in popularity. They have a stylish, vintage vibe to them, but are still pretty timeless. They’re delicate enough to wear with just about anything without being overpowering, but they work best with a slightly vintage ensemble. If old-school is your thing, go for it!

Juliet Cap Veil


Photo courtesy of veiledbeauty on etsy.com

The Juliet Cap Veil became popular in the 1920’s and 30’s and is a timeless classic. Romantic and ethereal, this flowing veil rests on your head light-as-a-feather, but ample enough in volume to really make an impact on onlookers. Your hair and face are free from coverage too, so brides who plan for extensive hairstyling and makeup might want to consider something like this.

Short Blusher Veil


Photo courtesy of Erica Elizabeth Designs

This veil is meant to cover your face, but is short enough to stay out of the way. It’s a more modern take on the way a tradition veil was supposed to function – that is, it was supposed to conceal the bride’s face and hair. More transparent than its predecessors, it has an old-world charm to it while managing to stay modern and relevant. This veil is great for simpler outfits and brides who prefer more natural hair and makeup.

– Samantha Muraca

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