3 Canadian Conservatory Venues

Conservatories, whether they’re for tropical and exotic plants or animals, are great for drawing in visitors of every age. Some even offer their beautiful spaces to prospective couples wanting to get married somewhere special. If you’ve been wanting to find a venue with plenty of natural beauty (although, perhaps a tad cleaner than the outdoors), here are some great Canadian locations you might want to consider.

Madsen’s Greenhouse Banquet and Chapel


Photo courtesy of Madsen’s Gardens

Located in Newmarket, Ontario, Madsen’s Greenhouse is a stunning and spacious venue for bridal parties. It’s a beautiful space accented with beautiful plant life, and it makes for a great wedding location all year round. To take full advantage of the glass, however, you can steer clear of those snowy months. Don’t worry about the cold, though. These plants stay green!

Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory


Photo courtesy of Niagara Parks

This enchanted butterfly emporium, situated in Ontario’s own Niagara, is a great place to tie the knot. A beautiful rainforest background is only bested by the gorgeous, exotic butterflies that inhabit the space. Exchange your vows while these lovely creatures drift around you: they are attracted to sweet things, after all.

Aquatopia Water Garden Conservatory


Photo courtesy of Aquatopia

The first thing that will strike you about this grand conservatory, which is located in Ottawa, is the artistry of the horticultural spectacle. Not only will you be treated to your standard tropical plants, Aquatopia houses exotic, aquatic florals in its many ponds. Falling water will be your music for the event, and the scent of flowers the only perfume you’ll need.

– Samantha Muraca

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