One-Hit MP3 Wedding Invitation Wonder

When Karen and Michael were planning their wedding back in 2011, they asked their designer friend, Kelli Anderson, to come up with the wedding invitations. Kelli wanted to do something original for her friends, and the result is pure artistic genius.


Photo Credit: Kelli Anderson

The paper invitation when folded just so, turns the card into a manually operated paper record player that plays a flexi disc pressed with an original song, inviting guests to the wedding.


Photo Credit: Kelli Anderson

If you can’t find the rhythm of 45 RPM manually (and also don’t enjoy the scratchy, tinny sound) you just pop the record out and play it on your vintage turntable. Awesome.

Kelli’s boyfriend, Daniel, made this video that shows you how to use the player part of the invitation.

Paper Record Player from kellianderson on Vimeo.

Seems like a lot of work, right? According to the bride, “All that singing, clapping, recording, cutting, affixing, hole punching and needle taping turned out to be worth it.”

It also might help that she has brilliant designer friends and she married a Grammy-nominated audio recording engineer. Details.

Check out Karen and Mike’s original wedding invitation song here.

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