3 Kinds of Body Art As Bridal Accessories

Body art has gone through cycles, waxing and waning in popularity depending on geographical location and time period. Just fifty years ago you’d be hard pressed to find any married couple showing off any tattoos they might have on their wedding day. In today’s wedding scene, people are thankfully feeling a little freer with their body art. In fact, folks who aren’t into permanent ink are getting temporary tattoos as bridal accessories. In light of this, here are a few ways body art can become the perfect accessory for your special day!

Permanent Tattoos


Photo courtesy of Christine Le Roux Photography

If you’ve already got a permanent tattoo or two that you think would look really great with your outfit, showcase it! This becomes especially poignant if they’re important to you emotionally – they’re a part of you and your history. Another great way to use permanent ink for your wedding, if you’re so inclined, is to get a new matching set of tattoos with your significant other. Dates, sayings, anything special and particular to you two will work. Just remember, think it through carefully. Tattoo removal is painful!

Temporary Sticker Tattoos

For those of you who are ready to commit to your other half but not to ink, there are some really great temporary sticker tattoos. You can use pre-existing designs to bling up your outfit like floral patterns, the words of a poem, or even metallic temporaries that simulate jewelry. Remember to stick to hues that work and stand out best with your skin tone and the overall aesthetic of your ensemble. Silver tends to go great with paler skin while gold really complements warmer complexions.

Temporary Henna Tattoos


Photo courtesy of Divya’s Henna Art

Henna has been used in Indian weddings for a long time. Traditional designs are beautifully intricate and can be used for hands, arms, feet, legs… just about anywhere! You don’t have to be having an Indian wedding to use henna either, it’s a beautiful accessory to use for any bridal outfit because it’s so versatile: you can go really complex with design or really simple, cover as much or as little skin as you want, etc..

– Samantha Muraca

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