3 Industrial-Hip Wedding Venues in Toronto

Traditional weddings usually call for traditional wedding venues: event halls with beautiful stone floors, delicate wooden furniture, and marble accents. But what if you’re not into the traditional? For the more modern and progressive among you, why not try a more industrial and urban setting? Not only will it modernize your event, it’ll up the artsy factor. So, without further ado, here are some industrial-hip venues for you to consider.

The Steam Whistle Brewery


Photo courtesy of Steam Whistle Brewing

Exposed brickwork and rough wood beams make this space feel both modern and warm at the same time (something of a difficult task!). For this venue, you can choose your own caterers from a pre-approved list of vendors and all libations for the day will be served by The Steam Whistle Brewery. If you’re interested, there are even brewery tours available for you and your guests provided you book in advance.

The Fermenting Cellar


Photo courtesy of Christopher Dew

The Fermenting Cellar is located in Toronto’s Distillery District. Rough walls and the exposed ceiling make for a very industrialized and raw space. It’s this very roughness that makes it such a great blank canvas for any event, however. Pretty much any theme you can think of will work here! What was once a stone distilling and milling building is now able to provide for your event and catering needs.

The Burroughes Building


Photo courtesy of eatertainment.com

This loft style venue has both an interior area and a rooftop outdoor space for your event. You can enjoy the artsy, industrial, and urban interior if the weather’s not to your liking or if you simply prefer to stay inside. For those of you who prefer fresh air, the rooftop provides both views of the sky and the skyline. The 3rd, 6th, and rooftop are all available for rental and can fit quite a few guests.

Samantha Muraca

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