Check Out This Adorable Minions Themed Wedding


Minions have kind of started taking over the world, and we are totally okay with it! Sam Finan and Bob Thomas of the UK love the bright yellow creatures so much that they planned a minions themed wedding! And this wasn’t a subtle, elegant minions themed — this wedding took the themed wedding to a whole new level.


The bride and groom both sported minions-inspired attire, with the bride holding a bright yellow bouquet and the groom in a blue suit with yellow accents. The groomsmen matched the groom and the bridesmaids donned yellow gowns.


“It’s just spiralled out of control,” the bride admitted while speaking to North West Evening Mail about her wedding. “We were sat out the back and talking about themes and it just came up in conversation. We had a laugh about it.”

“At first it was just going to be the cake. Then it was cuff links. Then the place cards. It has got a little out of hand.”


The most over-the-top aspect of this minions themed wedding is probably the groom’s minions-inspired tattoo of him and his new bride.


 *All photos courtesy of Laura Hilby/Twitter via Cosmopolitan UK.

– Rosemina Nazarali, Editor

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