This Wedding Veil Will Record Your Wedding From Your POV

Photo courtesy of Sony/Rosie Olivia via Cosmopolitan

Photo courtesy of Sony/Rosie Olivia via Cosmopolitan

Perfectly capturing your wedding is a task that leaves many teetering on the edge of going overboard. But the full, five-person photography team and the three cranes used to capture video at your reception will look completely harmless in comparison to this: a wedding veil that doubles as a video camera.

Rosie Olivia, a designer from the UK and a Royal Milliner, has teamed up with Sony to create the world’s first (and hopefully last) wedding veil cam. According to Olivia, the idea is for brides to be able to capture their own wedding from their points of view to ensure they get memories from all angles.

“Too many of my friends have complained about their lack of wedding videography,” Olivia said, according to Cosmopolitan. “I’m getting married soon and wanted to make sure I cover all angles and eventualities. The Bride’s Eye View collection will mean the most important vows are captured forever.”

She added: “In making the veil into wearable tech, I hope my brides will look amazing while capturing every moment from her intimate point of view.”

Both the veil and the crown in the collection houses a Sony 4K Action Cam, which isn’t exactly unnoticeable. Unlike a traditional spy cam, this camera commands attention as it sits on the bride’s head, definitely taking away from the rest of the ensemble.

But, if you’re into capturing the memorable moments on camera from your point of view, then more power to you!

Would you wear the veil cam?


– Rosemina Nazarali, Editor

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