4 Things to See and Do During Your Honeymoon in Aruba

Between Aruba’s sunny weather and blond beaches, the Caribbean island makes for a pretty perfect honeymoon destination. Off the coast of Venezuela, the country still has a lot of European influence in their architecture and the languages they speak — many Arubans speak English, Dutch and Spanish. However, the local tongue is Papiamento, a language spoken on the Caribbean ABC islands that comprises English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

If you are considering Aruba for your honeymoon destination, check out these activities below.


Pinchos Bar & Grill 


Photo courtesy of Pinchos Grill & Bar

Pinchos is located on a private pier at the Surfside Marina, and is considered one of the most romantic spots in Aruba. All of the tables sit directly above the clear blue ocean and visitors are given incredible views with an atmosphere that is only heightened by the stars.

The Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Donkey Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that runs completely on volunteer support. Donkeys are not native to Aruba, but have been on the island for more than 500 years. The sanctuary’s mission is not just to care for the Donkeys, but also to save them. In the 1970s, an illness spread through the island, leaving only 20 wild donkeys alive. A visit to the sanctuary helps support their efforts, and also gives you an opportunity to learn more about Donkeys. You can even get some hands-on experience with the feeding and general care of the animals. You can also visit Aruba’s Ostrich Farm.

Arikok National Park 

The Arikok National Park is about 20% of all of Aruba, and includes everything from cacti, to rugged terrain, dessert-like hills and local vegetation. A tour of the park will prove informative, as visitors learn about the island’s history through geological and historical sites.

Jeep Safari Tours

Photo courtesy of ABC Tours Aruba

Photo courtesy of ABC Tours Aruba

Get a little adventurous during your honeymoon with a Jeep safari tour. Visit the landscapes along the north shore, or go snorkelling during a tour of Aruba’s natural pools. Or, take a tour of the entire island on a Jeep while visiting various landmarks. If you are looking for something a bit more laid-back, you can take the Baby Beach Safari, a day at the beach with a drive along the coast.


– Rosemina Nazarali, Editor

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