Best Man Sings Emotional Speech at Brother's Wedding

best man speech

Daniel Buccheri is an Australian musician who wanted to give his brother a nice tribute at his wedding. Instead of giving the traditional best man speech, Buccheri did a medley of some popular songs by Sam Smith, the Backstreet Boys, Elton John and The Police, but wrote new lyrics for his bother Adrian and his new wife Sarah.

“I guess it’s true when they say you become a man, when you find the one and take her hand. Lucky for you, it all went to plan and she didn’t say no, because that would be sad,” Buccheri sings, opening the medley with lyrics sung to Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.”

He continued making jokes about his brother, their childhood and even Adrian’s snoring before switching his tune and singing a loving and emotional tribute.

“They were pretty shocked and emotional, and really appreciative of all the work I put in,” Buccheri told Mashable. “They loved it.”

He added:  “When I wrote it, it was partly due to stress because I knew I had to write something and I left it quite late. I didn’t expect it to go viral, it was just something that came out and fell together like it did. It just had all the right elements.”

Get your tissues ready and check out the best man musical medley in the video below!


– Rosemina Nazarali, Editor

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