Would You Buy a Rain-Free Wedding Day?


[Photo courtesy of Nirvana Photo Studio]

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful outdoor summer wedding. It’s warm, it’s bright, it’s perfectly decorated, and the bride looks absolutely amazing. What’s the one thing that could seriously ruin this visual? You guessed it: rain. Now, there’s a wedding service that’s guaranteed to grant you a rain-free wedding day. Yes, it’s possible that all of your outdoor wedding troubles been solved.

Obviously, there’s a catch. The protection service costs a whopping $100,000…And it’s in France. The Knot reports that, “A company called Oliver’s Travels recently started offering couples who get married at their wedding venue in France this expensive service. What they’re doing is called ‘cloud seeding,’ and it involves releasing (via airplane) a chemical compound called silver iodide into the clouds to get them to quickly create rain and then disappear.”

Another catch? Even if it’s doesn’t end up raining on your wedding day, you’ll still have to pay the fee in advance. The Knot clarifies, “It takes three weeks to set up the process to prevent rain because they have to hire a crew and an airplane to be on-call the week of your wedding. And the cloud bursting process is done a day in advance. That means you can’t make a quick decision the day-of if clouds start rolling in or get your money back if it turns out to be a sunny day.”

So, our question is: Would you pay the six-sigure price tag for a rain-free wedding day? If not, rest assured that there are other ways to prevent rainy nuptials. First, you could have tents at your wedding, which are quite beautiful and iconic. Second, you could book a venue with indoor and outdoor space that also has a rainy day plan to readjust the run of show. Third, you can source historic weather reports, or wed in an area that doesn’t rain much. Finally, you can embrace it! After all, aren’t the most romantic kisses the ones in the rain?

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