5 Ways to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding

Pets are an important and special part of the family, so many want to find ways to include them in the wedding festivities. Whether you want include them in the actual ceremony or take a few shots with them beforehand, these five ideas will definitely show how important your pets are in your new union.

1. Make Them Part of the Proposal

pet proposal

Photo via How He Asked

Any animal lover and pet owner will love to get a marriage proposal with the help of his or her favourite furbaby. Tuck a ring into your pet’s collar, or have your pet deliver a little note saying “Will you marry me?” The adorableness will be too much to resist.

2. Let Them Star in Your Save the Dates

Photo via Imgkid

Photo via Imgkid

Give your engagement announcement or save the dates a fun and cute twist by putting your pet in centre stage. Put a sign around their necks announcing the date and showing just how excited they are for their upcoming nuptials.

3. Include Them in Your Engagement/Wedding Photos

Photo via Wink! Weddings

Photo via Wink! Weddings

Make your engagement or wedding photos unique by including your pets. Dress them up and include them in your photo shoots for adorable and memorable pictures. Just be prepared for them to steal the spotlight.

4. Include Them in Your Wedding Party

Photo via The Bach

Photo via The Bach

Make your big day even more special by including your pets as groomsmen or bridesmaids. They may not quite understand their duties as a member of the bridal party, but they sure will have a good time.

5. Make Them Your Ring Bearer or Flower Girl


Photo via The Sweet Occasion

The most adorable way to include your pets in your wedding is by making them the ring bearer or flower girl. They won’t actually be able to hand you the rings or sprinkle flower petals down the aisle, but it sure will put a smile on all your guests’ faces.


– Rosemina Nazarali, Editor

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