Vanessa & Al




Wedding Description

1) How did you meet?

We can thank one of our bridesmaids for our introduction back in high school. She is my wife’s cousin and at the time was dating a close friend of mine. Vanessa made the first move and after a few months we officially started dating. 9 ½ years later, we were engaged and are now married.

What was the Ceremony like?

We had a traditional ceremony. All I could remember was how stunningly beautiful my bride was when I first saw her walk down the aisle. Her two brothers were on each side of her, with her father watching over us that day.

 3) How was The Reception?

We were surrounded by all of our closest family and friends so you can imagine how much fun we had. A very special moment for the both of us was when the mother and daughter share their dance together.

4) How would you describe The Décor?

 Vanessa and I have very simple tastes. Although we had over 200 guests, we did not want to have extravagant decorations. We were inspired to have a neutral color scheme that was ‘down to earth’. Carmen’s Reception hall and Suzanne from Décor by Suzary met our exact needs and did a beautiful job with all the decorations.


5) “She said. He said.” A quote from you, the bride or groom, to future couples. Provide one piece of advice or insight about your wedding.

 Slow yourself down and really take the time to appreciate what is going on around you. Even for just 5 seconds. A big celebration can happen so fast and you want to enjoy the moment because in a few years you will miss these things. Also, we hired professionals and it really gave us a sense of mind and helped us to get everything done in 4 months so we recommend that all future couples do the same.


Wedding Date: September 6, 2014
Photographer: MPSG Weddings
Videographer: MPSG Weddings
Ceremony Location: St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church
Venue: Carmen’s Banquet Hall
Hair: Friend
Makeup: Friend
Decor: Suzanne – Decor by Suzart


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