Unique Bouquets for the Avant-Garde Wedding

Bouquets have traditionally been composed of cut flowers that are beautifully and creatively arranged. For those of you bent on a more unique and standout wedding, however, live cut flowers are not the only way to go.

Folded Paper Bouquets

Besides the obvious advantage of the blooms never wilting or dying, paper flowers can be cut from various textures and colours of paper as well as in myriad patterns and shapes. Nature’s own designs are indisputably gorgeous. However, paper flowers will give you a little more leeway in terms of options and creativity. You could even make bouquets out of non-floral shapes!

Paper Flower Bouquet


A fun, summery, and whimsical alternative to real flowers. You can pick out your favourite colours or choose a textured, patterned paper to add some flash.

(Photo courtesy of my-wedding-concierge.com)

Music Sheet Bouquet


A beautiful and elegant bouquet that subtly celebrates those of you who are musically inclined – or if you plan a music themed wedding!

(Photo courtesy of onewed.com)

Paper Crane Bouquet


This one is for those of you who are especially interested in the art of origami.

(Photo courtesy of 3d-cranes.com)

Get Wild!

Nature’s beauty is not restricted to the plant world: animals can be a source of inspiration for your bouquet as well. Whether it’s feathers, seashells, or butterfly wings, any of these beautiful materials will add an individual flair and unique feel to your special day. Feathers, for example, give off an air of elegance while shells will be a perfect addition to a beach wedding. 

Feather Bouquet


Classy and sophisticated, the feather bouquet can be individualized to your own tastes with any combination of bird feathers. Try the jewel tones of peacock feathers or the dusky black of raven feathers.

(Photo courtesy of austinweddingblog.com)

Seashell Bouquet


From the nautilus shell to the conch, the variety of colours and shapes in seashells makes each one of a kind, just like your bouquet and your wedding!

(Photo courtesy of etsy.com)

Butterfly Bouquet


Another playful, dreamy bouquet for the summer. Light, airy, and a rainbow of wings.

(Photo courtesy of greenbrideguide.com)

Buttons, Beads, and Brooches!

Buttons, beads, and brooches are a colourful and fun alternative to the traditional floral bouquet. These kind of arrangements should be especially fun for those of you who love collecting little odds and ends. They might even inspire you to try out other kinds of bouquets using your own personal collections!

Button Bouquet


Interested in tailoring or a collector of buttons? This one’s for you!

(Photo courtesy of bridalsnob.tumblr.com)

Bead Bouquet 


An aspiring jewelry maker? Try making your own bead bouquet!

(Photo courtesy of bridalbouquetsbyky.com) 

Brooch Bouquet

Love those vintage brooches? Give your wedding and bouquet that same vintage feel using those same brooches!

(Photo courtesy of fantasyfloraldesigns.com)




Samantha Muraca is a contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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