Lorraine & Rohan




Wedding Description

1) How did you meet?

A mutual friend hooked us up! Petra went to school with Lorraine and later to university with Rohan. She had been trying to hook us Rohan with a bunch of her friends for years, but Rohan just never felt the spark or connection with any of them. Finally she showed Rohan a picture of Lorraine and his response was “wow, she’s beautiful!”….Petra did the same to Lorraine with a picture of Rohan, and she had a similar response.

Rohan finally got the courage to “poke” her on Facebook, and the rest was history.

2) The Ceremony:

The ceremony took place on August 30th 2014 in a Roman Catholic Church in Scarborough. It was a detailed Catholic mass and many friends and family were there to share in our special moment. Lorraine’s uncle, Deacon Vivian officiated the mass alongside Fr. Luis. We had a secondary “personal vow” exchange ceremony at the reception venue to following day, where we exchanged our own written vows for each other and a unity sand pouring ceremony as well.

3) The Reception:

Lorraine had always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding, with a ceremony surrounded with trees and a reception under a great white tent surrounded with paper lanterns and chandeliers. Unfortunately the venue she had fallen in love with was booked solid for the entire month of August. After searching around for a “runner up” venue, we found the perfect one, The Estate Banquet and Event Center in Scarborough. It had a laid back feel with classy decor but nothing to shiny or sparkly. The reception ran from 5:30pm- 2am. It included a cocktail hour, a formal 3 course sit down dinner, dancing, bouquet/ garter toss, a surprise “soul train line” performance, an “Goan” dance and a midnight buffet with Italian sweets and even Poutine!

4) The Décor:

Because Lorraine always wanted an outdoor wedding but couldn’t have one, we decided to bring the outdoors, indoor! A lot of the décor was handmade and crafted by Lorraine and Rohan themselves. It included a Rustic Shabby Chic feel with tealight mason jars covered in lace and burlap, paper lanterns as an overhead back drop, rustic willow sticks as a traditional back drop, cnadle lanterns and trees as centerpieces and a suitcase as a money box. The yellow and grey theme along with rustic wedding décor was inspired from ideas off Pintrest and country weddings found on the internet.

5) “She said. He said.” A quote from you, the bride or groom, to future couples. Provide one piece of advice or insight about your wedding. “When planning your dream wedding, be prepared to change your strategy and adapt to things that may come up! Don’t be too stringent on what you had in mind from the start, learn to improvise. DO NOT sweat the small stuff! Things will never go as planned, but ensure you ENJOY yourselves, as it is the most important day of YOUR life, not your guests!”


Wedding Date: August 30 & 31, 2014
Photographer: MPSG Weddings
Videographer: MPSG Weddings
Ceremony Location: St. Barnabas Roman Catholic Church
Venue: The Estate Banquet and Ecent Center
Wedding Gown Designer/Vendor: Sophia Tolli
Hair: Seher Sultan (Sherer Studios Inc.)
Makeup: Seher Sultan (Sherer Studios Inc.)
Floral: Forever Roses (Tanna Quach)
Cake: Hand made by friend Danielle


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