5 Fabulous Flower-less Centrepieces

Centerpieces are one of the biggest components of your wedding decor, but sometimes flowers can get a bit boring, not to mention that they are also quite expensive. The flower-less centerpieces below are beautiful alternatives, and might even save you some money.

Mason Jar Luminaries

mason jar luminaries

(Photo courtesy of Adventures of a Middle Sister)

These simple DIY candle holders are perfect for a rustic-chic wedding. They are also pretty easy to make. Cover the jar in lace fabric, and cover the upper rim in burlap. Use twine or a ribbon for the bow, and viola!

Beachy Lanterns

beachy lanterns

(Photo courtesy of Happy Wedd)

If you are having an outdoor destination wedding, these simple centrepieces will add the perfect touch to your reception decor. Choose three lanterns in different sizes and fill them with items like seashells, starfish and candles.

Musical Bouquets

musical bouquets

(Photo courtesy of Weddingbee)

For the music-loving couple, this centrepiece is a great way to show-off your personality. Simply roll sheets of music and place them in a vase (use paper of different sizes to add a bit of dimension. You can place ribbon or twine around the vase to add some extra colour.

Literary Stack

literary stack

(Photo courtesy of Yes Missy)

Just like the musical bouquet, this centerpiece is a great way to add some personality to your wedding decor. Opt for colourful, antique books and use twine to tie them together. Surround the books with jars and fill them with floating candles or small bouquets of lavender.

Luxe Candelabras

luxe candelabra

(Photo courtesy of Bridal Guide)

A candelabra serves as a gorgeous centerpiece, especially if your wedding reception is taking place in a glamourous banquet hall. You can even add your own personalized touch by hanging crystals or using coloured/printed candles.

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