Romantic Proposals: High School Sweetheart Gets a Photo Booth Surprise

A girl goes into a photo booth with her boyfriend and comes out with an engagement ring. In a sweet and simple proposal, Kevin Moran asked his high school sweetheart and girlfriend of seven years, Molly McGinnis, in a photo booth that snapped her surprised reaction.

In the video, the couple starts by posing for the first photo. For the second, Kevin pulls the engagement ring out of his pocket, and the third photo continues to capture Molly’s surprise. The last photo is of the couple solidifying the engagement with a kiss.

The excitement of the engagement continued into the following day.

“Okay it’s been 24 hours so probably safe to assume I am not dreaming and @kmoran18 and I are actually engaged! Couldn’t be more excited,” Molly wrote on Twitter. “Side note engagement brain is a real thing, just hopped on a random train home that does not actually go home.”

Check out the romantic proposal in the video below!

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