How to Plan a Magical, Harry Potter-Themed Wedding

The Wizarding World is one full of whimsy, fantastical creatures and old-world charm — the perfect recipe for a magical wedding day. If you are a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, here are a few ways you turn your wedding day into a Wizarding World spectacle.

Hanging Candles

 harry potter - handing candles

(Photo courtesy of Secretaria Evento)

Turn your reception hall into the Hogwarts Great Hall with the help of some hanging candles. Not only will these add that extra touch of whimsy, it will give the entire night a romantic atmosphere.

Marauder’s Map Invitations

 harry potter - invitation

(Photo courtesy of One Little M)

Your invitations are a great way to set the tone for your wedding and give guests a sneak peek and what they can expect on your big day. These invitations will certainly do just that. Designed after the famous Marauder’s Map, this invite folds out to reveal the details of your wedding. To make it even more fun, add in a “Mischief Managed” tag to the back of the invitations.

Candy Bar with Wizarding World Treats

harry potter - candy bar

(Photo courtesy of Offbeat Bride)

Give your guests a sweets bar that they surely will not forget. From Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans to Chocolate Frogs, this bar will have your guests feeling like they’re Harry Potter and Ron Weasley on their first Hogwarts Express ride. As an added bonus, these treats are fairly easy to find online.

A Magical Cake

 harry potter - cake

(Photo courtesy of BuzzFeed)

No themed wedding is complete without a fantastic cake. This one in particular is pretty opulent with five tiers and a mix of textures. You can also opt for something a bit more simple like a two to three tiered white cake adorned with golden snitches. Or, you can get literal and have your cake mimic a stack of Harry Potter books.


harry potter - always

(Photo courtesy of TheStoneWoodStudio/Etsy)

One of the most romantic moments in the Harry Potter series is when we learn that Severus Snape has been secretly protecting Harry Potter because of his unrequited love for Harry’s mom, Lily. The signs above are quotes from the book, when Snape tells Dumbledore that he will always love Lily. The rustic charm of these signs and sweet message will give your fellow Potterheads all the feels.

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