LoversLand: New Whimsical Bridal Boutique Opens in Toronto

There is a new bridal boutique in town, and it takes the experience of romance to a whole new level. LoversLand is located in the West Queen West neighbourhood of Toronto, and is the type of place we all dreamed of visiting as children. Much more than your typical bridal boutique, LoversLand goes beyond their curated selection of gowns and ready-to-wear dresses to offer wedding decor, gifts, lingerie, swimwear, and leather goods.


It’s what you find at the very back of the store that truly make LoversLand the bride’s dream come true. Within the shop is a white tent called The Haven, a place for one-on-one fittings and appointments that truly lives up to its name. It’s the type of place you could envision a Disney princess purchasing a dress, allowing you to feel you are nestled deep within an enchanted forest.


“We wanted to create an inspirational space in terms of store design, unique products, and exceptional service,” the shop’s owners, Danielle Gulic, Trish Spencer and Yvonne Reidy, told us. “We also wanted to create a bridal store that was inviting for men too. We see a lot of men that are excited about their weddings too…it’s not just about the woman! So we wanted couples to come in and be able to shop for gifts, look at lingerie, pick out swimwear for the honeymoon and buy gifts for their bridal party. We felt there was a good opportunity to open a shop like this in Toronto. We’re a destination where you can come to for advice and to dream!”


They added that they hope shoppers will not just feel excited about shopping for a wedding dress at LoversLand, they also hope they feel at ease.

“We want our customers to feel happy, excited, and beautiful. The atmosphere we created is meant to be fun, easy-going and romantic, which adds a sense of ease when shopping.”

Loversland_Shop_Web-33It’s the shop’s unique style and decor that truly adds to that easy-going experience. Gulic, Spencer and Reidy partnered with Castor Designs and Dynasty to create an atmosphere that mimics that of a gallery, with exposed white piping, black mirrors and Turkish rugs.

LoversLand is located at 215 Ossington Avenue, Toronto. You can learn more about the boutique by visiting

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