Honeymooning: Venice

Dreaming of your honeymoon? We don’t blame you! As the weather gets colder and winter sets in, we’re wishing we could vacation — and avoid the snow! This week in honeymooning, we’re talking Venice, the Italian city of love. Famous for floating on water and offering romantic gondola rides, venice is a city perfect for a newlywed getaway. Here’s what not to miss!

St. Mark’s Basilica: This iconic basilica sits in the main square of the city. You can study the breathtaking facade while sitting in St. Mark’s square sipping a cappuccino. Here, you’ll also be able to observe the stylish locals and tourists feeding pigeons. Note that any food you purchase in the square will cost significantly more than on a side street.


Gondola Rides: Ah, the famous gondola rides. The classic symbol of Italian romance…Aside from sharing the same strand of spaghetti, of course à la Lady and the Tramp. You’ve seen them in the movies: Paddled by a striped captain, equipped with cushy seats and Italian love songs. The gondola ride will take you through backchannels and main drags of the city. Plus, your driver will point out iconic land marks. What’s not to love?


Venetian Masks: Venice is also famous for it’s amazing artistry, specifically with masks. Below, you’ll see the style of mask that the city is known for: Intricate, delicate, whimsical, and very imaginative. You can pop into shops to purchase masks of your own, or stop by a workshop that will show you how the masks are made. Perhaps you fancy a His and Hers souvenir? There are plenty of shops with these faces in the windows, you won’t miss them!


Glass Blowing: Venice is also known for the art of glass blowing and glass making. There are also lots of glass shops, but it’s more interesting to see the glass being blown. Artists take a glob of hot glass and shape it into figurines within minutes. A great place to see this is at Berengo Studio. Otherwise, there are a few great studios just off of St. Mark’s Square and in Murano. In the meantime, check out a video on the history, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7KRrYD26nQ.



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