5 Unique Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can be quite boring, with the traditional lace and ribbons adorning cards and envelopes. For those who want to go a more non-traditional route, here are five unique wedding invitation ideas that will help show-off your personality, wedding style and maybe even give guests a fun activity.

The Christmas Ornament

christmas ornament invitation

(Photo courtesy of Two Twenty One)

If you’re wedding is going to take place around the holidays, or you’ll be sending your invitations out during the Christmas season, here is a unique way to invite guests and help spread some holiday joy. This Christmas ornament invitation can be created at home — simply print out invitation details in the font of your choice, cut out the details in strips, curl them by winding individual strips around a pencil, and insert the pieces into a transparent ornament.

Retro Vinyl

retro vinyl invitation

(Photo courtesy of yesdearstudio/Etsy)

For the music-loving couple, this is an invitation that will certainly set the tone for your wedding day. The invitation details are printed directly onto the record, which is displayed in a square envelope. You don’t even need actual vinyl for these invitations (although, that would be really cool!), you can simply use some great cardstock paper instead.

Message in a Bottle

 message in a bottle invitation

(Photo courtesy of Mospens Studio)

This invitation is perfect for beach and destination weddings. Get guests excited for your big day with these Message in a Bottle invitations that will certainly get everyone yearning for a trip to the beach. Simply print the invitation details on a piece of parchment paper, and roll it up small enough to fit inside a small, pocket-sized bottle. You can further personalize the invitation by printing out stickers of yours and your significant other’s names, initials and/or wedding date.

Woodsy Photo Booklet

photo book invitation


(Photo courtesy of Seven Swans)

Give your guests a taste of your woodsy wedding with this adorable photo booklet. Within the pages, let guests know of the wedding details, including maps and lodging information, as well as a few photos of the couple in a setting that fits the woodsy theme. Top it off with a simple, brown paper envelope. This invitation is perfect for the environmentally conscious and outdoorsy couples.

The Game of Love

board game invitation

(Photo courtesy of Layered Bake Shop)

Turn your wedding invitations into a fun activity for guests. This one in particular is a board game that has guests racing to get to the wedding. You can do the same or try other game ideas, like giving each player an essential wedding task and racing to the finish line, or a maze in which players have to find their way to the wedding venue. This board game even comes with cookies that guests can chow down on after playing.

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