Trend Watch: Tiered Wedding Dresses

Tiers aren’t just for cakes! For a touch of femininity in your bridal attire, consider getting a dress that features tiers. This delicate design detail can come in different ways so here are some ideas of how to wear a tiered wedding dress.

Ball Gown


[Photo Courtesy of Hitched]

The typical shape of a dress with the tiered design is a flowing ball gown. This elegant design is a big look that commands attention so it might not be something that all brides want to or can pull off. Consider also how a voluminous gown would look on your physique because a petite bride might not give off the same effect as a taller bride.

Column Dress


[Photo Courtesy of Love My Dress]

Tiered wedding dresses can come in many different shapes, all giving off different vibes, and one of these shapes is in a column dress. Because a column dress usual goes straight down with hardly any volume, adding tiers will provide a happy medium for those who want a bit more airiness without going full ball gown. This silhouette is one of sophistication.



[Photo Courtesy of Ruche]

The size and lengths of tiers really make a difference in how the wedding dress looks: with mini-tiers the general vibe of the dress is more fun and casual compared to the other dresses we have already seen. This dress will create wonderful movement so if you’re a dancer and you love tiered dresses, this is the style to keep in mind.

Mermaid Tiered Dress


[Photo Courtesy of Raining Blossoms]

Not only can you play with the lengths of tiers but where they start. Generally tiers start right at the top of the dress or at least at the waist but mermaid dresses hug your figure until mid-thigh and then flare out. This creates a beautiful hour-glass silhouette but be warned: it isn’t easy to move quickly in this style of dress. So make sure you try it on and move about to see if this style is for you.

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