Unconventional Ideas for Your Wedding

Weddings are for you and your partner to celebrate your union with your loved ones but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun. From ceremony to reception, here are some ideas on how you can inject some fun, humor and personalization to your wedding.

Golden Flower Girls and Boys


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This isn’t your grandmother’s wedding… but it doesn’t mean you can’t get them involved. Invite your grandmothers, grandfathers, grandaunts or granduncles to be your flower girls or boys. It’s an endearing way of involving your loved ones with a sense of humor. Just make sure beforehand that your relatives are happy to do it.

Rec Room

If your wedding is a family affair with lots of kids in attendance, having a rec room filled with fun games could be a good way to keep them occupied. Ping pong tables, arcade games and similar equipment can all be rented easily. The beauty of these games is that there’s no age limit on them so adults will want to have a go too! What better way to get the crowd involved than an impromptu ping pong tournament.

Message Tree


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Instead of an ordinary guest books for friends and family to write their well wishes, have little tags with ribbons attached to them and a potted tree where they can tie their notes. It makes for an interactive activity for the guest, and a beautiful and symbolic memento for the couple. For yet another way to make this more personalized, provide Polaroid cameras for guests to snap photos and write their messages on the back. Be sure to have ribbons and hole punchers available so guests can tie their photos onto the tree.

Picnic, No Tables Necessary


[Photo Courtesy of Wedding Photography]

For an outdoor garden reception, nix the table in favor of picnic blankets and cushions. Nothing breaks the ice quicker than getting informal and sitting on the ground under twinkling lanterns. Make sure you plan for picnic problems, though, like insect invasions and chilly weather.


Dawn Lo is a contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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