Incorporate Kids into Your Wedding

Including children in your wedding can be very fun and fulfilling, but there’s a right way to do it. Having children unsupervised, in charge of loose wedding jewelry, et cetera is just asking for a problem. Today, we’re talking about how to incorporate kids into your wedding day in a safe no-fuss way.


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First, keep them occupied! There’s nothing worse than a child throwing a tantrum, yelling, and crying during speeches or your ceremony. If you have small things to keep kids occupied you’ll minimize this possibility. Take a cue from every restaurant ever and provide children with small coloring books and crayons. Use a clipboard for a hard surface if there’s no table in sight (ie. during the ceremony). Be sure to have enough supplies to give each child their own—you don’t want them fighting over them.


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If you have a child ring bearer and you’re a bit worried about them carrying loose wedding rings, try this cute trick. Dress the little ring bearer up in a security guard costume—how cute!—and put the rings in a sealed box resembling a safe. It will get a giggle out of the crowd and ensure that no jewelry goes flying. If that idea is to kitschy for you, simply use a nice (and unbreakable) jewelry box with a formal ring bearer.


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Finally, kids love rewards (and gifts and treats)! If they’re in the wedding party, give the a small gift to say thank you. They’ll appreciate it with love and compliance. We love this flower girl gift idea! Can’t you just imagine the little girl’s huge smile when she opened the present?

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