New Catering Trends to Savor


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When McDonald’s announced that their Hong Kong branches will start holding weddings, we were skeptical of the response. Turns out many couples who are lovin’ it: fast food is just that good. One of the most important elements of a good time is having amazing food. And while McDonald’s may not be your cup of tea, here are some new trends in catering that might have your mouth watering!

Food Trucks


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Meals on wheels! Food trucks are a great idea for outdoor weddings because these chefs are used to cooking on the go. If you have a favorite food truck in town, talk to the owners about setting up shop at your outdoor reception.

Brunch Choices


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If you are having a morning wedding, have brunch choices for your guests. It’s cozy and delicious, and you can elevate the meal by serving mini bites of food on individual plates – this way guests can sample more options!

DIY Stations


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Have buffet-style stations where chefs can demonstrate their cooking expertise: whether chefs are making sushi, omelettes, pasta or parfaits on the spot, give guests the option of choosing what goes into their meal. Or simpler food, like tacos or s’mores, guests can even make their own food!

Traditional Courses


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Make your menu more personal by having each dish represent something special to you and your partner. As a nod to your heritage, consider having courses that reflect your family’s traditional cuisine. If your wedding is uniting two heritages, it would be interesting to have two, or more, traditional options for each course. Even if it’s a famous family recipe or a childhood dish you love, giving the menu that personal touch will make it more memorable.


Dawn Lo is a contributor to the Bridal Guide.


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