Fun Engagement Gifts

So, your friend is engaged! Yahoo! Congratulations to her. If you’re a good friend (and you’ll likely be in the bridal party), you should probably get her a fun and exciting gift. Even if it’s not standard, think of how loved and excited it will make her feel. Wouldn’t you want that type of support and love from your friends? Here are some of the best fun gifts we can think of for your newly engaged girlfriend.


A selection of “First” wines: Now that your friend is going to be married, she will have a whole bunch of “firsts” as a wife. These bottles of wine are great because, for starters, no one dislikes getting wine as a gift. Second, their labels are such a fun twist on a standard drinkable gift. From “First Christmas” to “First Baby” the couple will be able to crack a bottle of your wine on memorable occasions. This gift is also great, because it will last for a while!

[Photo courtesy of EmmalineBride]


A gift basket or gift roundup: This is a great idea if you’d like to give your girlfriend a variety of small gifts. Putting together the components in a basket or a scavenger hunt will be perfect for an excited bride-to-be. Things to include in your basket could be a book on planning weddings, jewelry cleaner for her new engagement ring, nail polish in her wedding colours, champagne, a quirky t-shirt, etc. There’s no way a gift like this wouldn’t put a smile on her face.

[Photo courtesy of AislePerfect]


Housewares: Things for the home act as a great gift for any bridal event because the couple will likely be moving into a new home together after their wedding. Pictured here is a pillow with a cute message and engagement date embroidered on it. You can also customize mugs, spoons, a painting, or a ring dish. Think of things that will be fun additives to the couples household!

[Photo courtesy of Etsy]

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