Geek Out Your Wedding In Style

Everyone has an inner geek, an obsession with some eccentric part of pop culture. Whether you love superhero comics, intergalactic relations or partake in other forms of fandom, there are plenty of ways to incorporating your inner geek into your wedding. Let your personality shine though while paying homage with these geek-inspired wedding tips.

Your Wedding Outfit


[Photo Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes and When Geeks Wed]

As with any wedding theme, the key is to be subtle. Have hints of your favorite comic, TV show, or character in your outfit, particularly in accessories. The groom and groomsmen can get customized tie clips, cufflinks or boutonnieres to show their allegiance – check out the boutonniere above with a Lego figure of Batman. As for the ladies, your shoes are often covered and thus overlooked so having customized shoes with drawings of your favorite comic is a great way to express your geek love without drawing too much attention. Or get creative, because who isn’t going to love a bouquet that doubles as a light saber?

Your Décor


[Photo Courtesy of Bridal Musings]

For just a hint of geek-chic in your venue’s décor, have little items that show your love. Card holders with pins of your favorite characters (which can also double as nametags to help people get to know each other), streamers made from comics, customized toppers and photo booths where your guests can dress up as superheroes are all great ways of having a little fun with your décor.

Your Cake


[Photo Courtesy of Virtually Living]


Apart from customized cake toppers of you and your partner as Princess Leia or Han Solo, think of all the ways the cake itself can be decorated. Whether each layer represents a different comic book hero or the cake is in the shape of some structure from a beloved show or your cupcakes make a mosaic of a favorite character, the possibilities are endless. Just be prepared for your cake to steal the show!


Dawn Lo is contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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