DIY Backdrops for Amazing Wedding Photos

Have you seen the wedding photos of the couple who turned the wildfires near their wedding into the backdrop of their photos? While we can’t all hope for or want natural disasters to range on behind us while we snap wedding photos, there are much easier ways of making sure that the backdrop to your wedding photos and memories is enchanting and unforgettable.

Doilies and Embroidery Hoops

image1 (5)

[Photo Courtesy of Wolf Oak Acres]

This DIY backdrop would look perfect for an outdoor rustic wedding, inside a reception hall or decorating any venue. They are easy to make because all you need are doilies and embroidery hoops which you can get from any arts and crafts store. The trick is to makes sure you get different size hoops and different doily designs. Mix and match for an eclectic look.


image2 (5)

[Photo Courtesy of Gent and Beauty]

Another easy way of creating a beautiful backdrop is to hang long streamers from the ceiling if you are indoors or from a tree if you are outdoors. There are so many different materials and things you can use as streamers like Christmas lights, strips of floral fabrics, origami cranes or shapes, paper hearts or even strings of real flowers. Whatever you use, one thing is for sure: you’re going to get a unique and gorgeous backdrop.

Pinwheels and Paper Flowers

image3 (4)

[Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Design]

For a look that pops, try paper decorations on a wall like the ones in the image. Use pinwheels and paper flowers to create a 3D mural – the more varied the design the more whimsical your backdrop will be. You can work your color theme into your backdrop too: if your color theme is just one or two colors, add in different shades of those colors into your backdrop for more depth.

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