Bridal Fit: Couples Workout


Those who train together sweat together and recovery together will most definitely stay together. There is no greater testament to true lasting love than how a couple motivates each other.  As a trainer, I especially love working with fiancées, as it is the perfect opportunity to release wedding stress, to learn to be patient/supportive with one another’s weaknesses and most importantly to encourage each other’s strengths. The partnership created after a killer workout is truly inspiring and a great way to let loose and have fun during those last few weeks of wedding planning.

So grab your partner and get sweating. All you will need is a six to ten pound medicine ball and an empty space to jump around. Before you begin this work out don’t forget to warm up with some jumping jacks and high knees for at least seven minutes. Insufficient warm up time is the number one cause of injury during a workout. Repeat this routine as many times as possible and see how fast you can excel together.

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