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Brides plan every detail of their wedding day look months in advance of the big day. On the other hand, men aren’t exactly renowned for planning—especially when it comes to what they’ll be wearing. One thing we bet your guy can get on board for is fun shoe shopping. Shoes can be a great way for your fiancé to express his style and personality on your wedding day. Since unique shoes and socks are currently trending in the world of men’s fashion, here are three different shoe types that your man could consider for your big day.


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Classic Twist

Classic black shoes with a twist say, “I’m traditional, but I like to think outside of the box.” There are tons of shoes on the market that follow this theme. Plus, black pretty much compliments any color suit your groom may be wearing. As the rule goes with clothing: The more black you wear, the more texture you should incorporate. If your guy wants to go with this style, try something woven, patent, velour, canvas, etc. These shoes won’t be overly eye-catching, but they’ll impress those who notice!


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Coloured kicks are all the rage right now! They’re a great way to say, “Hey! Look at me! I’m stylish!” All jokes aside, colored shoes could work really well for your groom on your wedding day. Think about color combinations like a beige suit and navy shoes or a grey suit and burgundy shoes. If an entirely colored shoe isn’t for your guy, try something with a colored sole. Cole Haan makes a wonderful line of traditionally colored shoes with neon colored soles—like grey mixed with yellow. Also, since being bought by Nike, they are made with Nike’s FitSole. Talk about comfy!


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Finally, patterned shoes are an option for guys who can really go for it with their style. If your groom is a regular fan of printed bow ties, socks with bright designs, or ironic mustaches, patterned shoes may be the right wedding day choice for him. The possibilities with patterned shoes are endless. From navy and white (pictured above) to coral and purple (we know it’s out there somewhere), your groom can paint a picture with his footwear. These types of shoes will guarantee that his attire be remembered for years to come. If this idea is too much for your ceremony, consider having your groom change from tradition to patterned shoes for the reception—kind of like a second dress.


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