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With Spring well on its way, we have been thinking about getting out of the house and socializing non-stop. Like lots of ladies, we’re most excited for tea, garden, and wedding parties. Those type of events make us think of pretty cocktail dresses and even better cocktails! This Spring, try to mix it up with the champagne at your party by following these easy breezy recipes. If you have a favourite champagne recipe, share it on our Facebook page!

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The Ghost

All you need to do to create a ghost is add half a shot of melon liqueur to each champagne glass. This could be a good addition to your bar if you’re having a light and fruity menu or if the green drink matches your theme or colour. Just thinking about how refreshing and crisp this drink is, is making us want one!

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The Poinsettia

For the poinsettia, you need two additional ingredients. Contrary to what you may think, they are not ingredients with floral or holiday notes. Add a half a shot of cranberry juice (or cranberry cocktail if you aren’t a fan of the sour kick in real cranberry juice). Then, add a quarter shot of triple sec for sweetness. With those quick and simple steps, you have yourself a poinsettia!

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The Peach Bellini

Who doesn’t love a good Bellini? If you ever dine at Moxie’s or Milestones, you have to try one! Good news: You can make your own (more simple) bellinis with champagne! By sprucing up your champagne with some peache purée and raspberry purée/grenadine to taste, you will have quick and easy bellinis to serve at your event.

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Lauren Chan is the editor of the Bridal Guide.

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