Multi-Cultural Wedding Inspiration Mood boards

When it comes to wedding themes and general inspirational ideas for wedding decoration it is important to take the time to check out a range of different ideas, the colours of cultures all around the world before choosing your theme.

Here I have put together some gorgeous cultural mood boards you will find that although culturally the ideas are different they can be mixed and played around with to produce a gorgeous multi-cultural wedding.

African Moodboard

An African wedding will consist of earthy but vibrant colours, taking in the nature around them and portraying the wild in to their wedding details with animal prints and multi coloured beading, acacia trees and savannah grass detailing’s that can be introduced to add a real feel of Africa.

Whether their weddings are influenced by the westernization or not the old traditions are still there within wedding these days, typically the couple will go back to their birth village to carry out their tribes rituals which makes for a very interesting and exciting variety of wedding procedures.

Grecian Moodboard

Styling your wedding around a the Grecian culture could not get any more glamorous, a traditional Greek wedding will be surrounded by gold detailing from the table wear to the brides jewellery, here is the chance to be bold but simplicity is the key, the sun shining down on white and gold…perfect!

Greek weddings are typically known for their copious amounts of food, family, and let’s not forget the money dance. The ceremony is based around the Greek Orthodox Church and highly influenced by their community.

Indian Moodboard

Indian weddings are vibrant and dazzling, colour pallets that invoke all that is India, there’s no need to stick to a specific colour theme to pull off a dynamic Indian feel, a range of bold colours to decorate wedding is a must. Indian brides take their bridal beauty to the next level when preparing from the henna application to the jewellery selection from head to toe.

Before planning an Indian wedding the bride and groom must understand their ancestral background so they can plan their big day around their religion, a Hindu wedding treat a marriage like a sacrament.

middle eastern moodboard

A Middle Eastern wedding take on a multitude of traditional detailing depending on the religion of the bride and groom, traditionally they are to undertake a week’s worth of celebration before the big day, including bridal showers, Mahar party’s and henna party’s.

When searching Morocan styling you will come across a lot of outdated ideas of what the culture has to offer, Middle Eastern designs are chic and modern, fuscia, pink and turquoise are the colours to be aware of, but don’t be afraid of the Arabic vibrancy.

Spanish Moodboard

Spain as a culture is fun and flamboyant, weddings are all about the fiesta, the dancing and the vibrant clothing making for a tremendous wedding idea, family is the key, they get involved and they love it.

When it comes to the Spanish tradition, the grooms do not have best men and ushers, the groom walks in with his mother followed by the guests, the bride has her father by her side followed by her guests and when the ceremony is finished there is rice thrown ‘Literally’ on the happy couple.

All cultures share different rituals and religious ceremonies that differ all over the world, its important to understand your own culture when embarking on your wedding planning, but don’t be afraid to take inspiration from others.


Lianne Crosby is a contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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